LB 1100


  • Very easy to use machine. Very easy to clean.
  • Works exclusively with Lavazza BLUE capsules.
  • Manual loading of the capsules.
  • Water level sensor.
  • Watertank capacity 1,800 CC.
  • It can dispense hot water and vapour for making coffees with milk.
  • Illuminatedtop panel.
  • Automatic ejection of used capsules into the hopper.
  • Dual sensor electronic system that issues a warning when the hopper is full.
  • Adjustable cup holder for use with small and large cups.
  • Electromechanical counter.
  • Coffee temperature, water, and steam controlled electronically.
  • Energy saving function.
  • Dimensions:36.5 cm high. 27.5 cm wide. 29 cm deep.
  • Weight:8.7 Kg


El complemento perfecto para cuidar el medio ambiente.

El complemento perfecto para cuidar el medio ambiente.

Porque nos preocupamos en tener un planeta mejor

Herdicasa: Distribuidor especializado en máquinas expendedoras
Polígono Industrial Espíritu Santo
C/Dinamarca, 10
33010 Colloto - Oviedo