Herdicasa: Distribuidor especializado en máquinas expendedoras 

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Distributor specialised in self-dispensing machines

  • About us

About us

Herdicasa, specialized in distribution, maintenance and restocking of vending machines, has become a leading company in the vending sector, and offers its customers comprehensive service, an extensive range of products, and excellent personalized service.


At Herdicasa, we believe that success resides in the continual evolution of our products and machinery, with the goal of adjusting to the changing needs of the current market and always providing the highest level of quality in our service. Thanks to our quality and customer service departments, we can guarantee comprehensive service and immediate response that offers a solution to any demand from our users.

Why use a vending service?


  The sale of food and drinks through vending machines is an easy, fast and comfortable service that offers numerous benefits to all activity sectors and groups.

Comprehensive and Personalized Service


Herdicasa provides service to its customers 365 days per year and guarantees periodic restocking, free technical service, and preventative and professionalized maintenance inorder to optimize functionality of the facility.

Our maintenance service includes restocking of machine products to avoid shortages, internal and external cleaning, performance of real tests and checking of machine elements that are more likely to fail.