Herdicasa: Distribuidor especializado en máquinas expendedoras 

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Distributor specialised in self-dispensing machines

  • Legal Notice

Legal Notice

  • In its capacity as owner, the manager of     this website is Herdicasa S.A. with Company Tax ID A33621756, and     registered office at C/ Dinamarca, 10, Polígono Espíritu Santo, C/     Dinamarca 10 - 33010 Oviedo - Asturias.
  • When a person enters this website, the server obtains generic     information for statistical purposes, such as the IP address, date and     time, downloaded files and browser version. In case the customer     voluntary fills in any of the existing forms on the web site, such data     will be stored in a database entered in the Spanish Data Protection     Agency, owned by Herdicasa SA.
  • If the user does not explicitly object, the provided data may     be used for sending information about the activities and/or services     of Herdicasa S.A.
  • Herdicasa S.A. has adopted the necessary measures to ensure     the confidentiality of the data provided by its clients. However, the     client must assume that no measure is impregnable and so we cannot     guarantee that third parties might illegitimately or illegally obtain such     data, in which cases, we will begin legal actions against those third     parties. This data will not be     given to third parties.
  • All data subjects have the right of access, rectification and     deletion of their data, as well as to express their wish not to     receive any information. To exercise these rights, the data subjects     may submit a letter to the company's legal address. We accept applications     by e-mail to herdicasa_arroba_grupo-dc.com, but to be valid an     acknowledgment via e-mail must accompany it.

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