Herdicasa: Distribuidor especializado en máquinas expendedoras 

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Distributor specialised in self-dispensing machines

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Our Products

Herdicasa always closely follows the evolution of the sector and the continuous changes in customer preferences. For this reason, we direct our wide range of products to the demands of the market and we offer all types of cold and hot drinks, snacks and solids, diet products and food suitable for celiacs, as well as complementary items -water fountains or furnishings-, among other things. 

Furthermore, it is essential that the products are specifically developed to be served in vending machines in order to offer the level of quality that consumers are used to, and to ensure that the machine works efficiently. A good range of products must be able to supply an exact answer after the moment of pause, thanks to its variety and quality.


Gluten-free and Dietary Products

The vending industry is one of the sales channels that reaches the most heterogeneous audiences in the market. Aware of the wide range of needs outthere, Herdicasa has extended its offer with low-calorie diet products and gluten-free food items.


We care for the environment

Our new cups line gives its contribution to actively enhance the environment reducing 25% Co2 emissions in the environment, even keeping all the advantages of traditional plastic vending cups. Reliable, hygienic and 100% recyclable vending cups.



Herdicasa complies with the EU 1169/2011 regulation of the European Parliament and of the Councilof 25 October 2011 on the provision of food information to consumers.


List of Suppliers


Cafés Oquendo, Solan de Cabras, Carretilla, Alba Horneados, Productos Velarte, Borges, Lavazza, Dulcesol, Vicente Vidal, Nestlé, Simat, Qualery, Matutano, Martínez, Bio Century, Gullon, Cuétara, Hero, Mars, Chocolates Valor, Grefusa, Ferrero Ibérica, Fontaneda, Frigo, Fuensanta, Bezoya, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Pascual, Agua de Cuevas, Bimbo, Vegapresas, Ñamig, Forno de Italia, Frueat, Haribo...